Dog advice for summer

As we explored in July, heatstroke is a big worry for dog owners during hot weather – but there are other dangers to be aware of, too.

It’s important to be prepared for problems such as parasites, insect stings and water infections; and also know how to tackle them.

Plus, if you’re concerned that your dog is struggling in the heat, it may be wise to book a summer health check with us to see if we can make their lives easier.

Book a summer health check

In the meantime, which issues should be on your radar?

  • Parasites
    Dogs all over Hampshire spend more time outdoors in the summer months, which means dog fleas and other nasty little creatures find it easier to prey on them – especially if you congregate with other dogs and their owner in parks. It’s therefore vital to make sure your dog is treated regularly with a spot-on solution, which is both preventative and effective in killing lots of pests. Not sure what to use? Have a chat with our vet nurses.
  • Swimming dangers for dogs
    When it’s hot, cooling off in lakes and streams is very attractive for dogs… but toxic substances can lurk in the water, both man-made and natural. Blue-green algaeis particularly dangerous if ingested and can be fatal, so contact us IMMEDIATELY on 01264 352323 if you suspect your pet has come into contact with it.
  • Bees and wasps
    Multiple stings can be fatal for animals, while even one or two stings can be very distressing and painful. If your dog has a tendency to chase flies, keep a close eye when there are wasps and bees around. If your dog is stung badly, don’t hesitate to call us so you can consult Simon or another of our experienced team.
  • Summer celebrations
    When the weather is good, it’s tempting to get your nearest and dearest around for a barbecue or party – but bear in mind that your dog may find it extremely stressful to see hordes of people descending in your house and garden. Get them used to small groups first; and watch them carefully for signs of anxiety when you have bigger groups around. Plus, watch that your guests aren’t feeding your pet unsuitable foods, as this can be dangerous.

And, of course, keep the heat in mind. Hot cars, floors and poorly ventilated rooms can all be torture for your dog. Make sure you provide plenty of water and a cool space for your dog to lie down.

Need more advice? Our vet nurses are always happy to offer their thoughts, so feel welcome to drop in to see us.

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