Don’t break the bank! Is your pet insured?

Have you thought about insuring your pet? We’d like to encourage you to do so!

Unfortunately there is no NHS for pets. Advances in veterinary medicine mean that we can offer an incredibly high level of care to your pets, but this does not come without costs, and some conditions – particularly those that require referral to a specialist can be very expensive to treat.

Accidental injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments and wounds can happen in an instant, and conditions such as cancer, medical problems and infectious diseases, can crop up out of the blue.

The good news is that pet insurance offers owners and vets the peace of mind that the most appropriate treatment can be offered in each case, without cost becoming a major issue. However without pet insurance it can sometimes be hard to afford unexpected vet bills, and decisions on treatment may have to involve economic considerations, which is never ideal.

Also, we owners are legally responsible for our dogs’ behaviour, and claims against dogs are being increasingly made following bites, jumping up incidents, and accidents which can sometimes be very costly. Personal liability insurance is advisable and is included with most pet insurance.

We strongly advise insuring your pet with a reputable company, and to make sure your pet has an adequate level of cover. Ideally, pet insurance should also include life-long cover so that pets don’t run out of insurance after a year, or once a certain amount of money has been spent.

For more information about pet insurance why not visit our pet insurance page?

Simon Robinson

Please contact a member of our team if you would like any further information on the benefits of pet insurance!