Keep your bunny happy while you’re away

While you’re on holiday, is it better to take your rabbits to stay with a carer, or have someone pop in to feed them? Our vet Simon advises the latter, as change can be very stressful for rabbits and therefore bad for their health.

As a species, rabbits are easily stressed. They’re on constant alert for signs of danger – and could perceive unfamiliar surroundings as a threat, as they’ll see, hear, smell and feel a huge range of differences.

Because of this, it’s best to find a reliable carer who can visit them in your home. And if you don’t have a relative, friend or neighbour who’s able to do this, why not pop in to see us and ask our reception staff or vet nurses for advice?

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Six rabbit-sitting essentials

To prevent unnecessary stress, we recommend finding a rabbit sitter in Andover who can make sure of the following:

  1. Familiar surroundings – Ideally able to visit your rabbit at your home, to feed them and check that they seem healthy.
  2. A normal feeding routine – Including plenty of clean, fresh hay and not too much dry food.
  3. Limited exposure to infection – If your sitter visits your rabbit at your home, there should be a lower risk of catching viruses from other animals.
  4. A quiet environment – When you’re on holiday your house should be quiet, which is better than your rabbit being housed somewhere with noisy animals or children.
  5. Minimal movement – Rabbits rarely react well to transport.
  6. Safety from predators – If moved to another home, there is always the risk of exposure to other pets such as cats, who may be tempted to stalk or attack your rabbit.

Plus, if your rabbit sitter spots any signs of ill health, it’s vital that they know to contact us immediately to check whether your rabbit needs professional veterinary attention.