Keep your cat safe this summer

Most cats love to be outdoors exploring whenever possible – and they quite enjoy a bit of sunbathing too, when the weather is kind. Well, don’t we all?

But summer can also be a dangerous time for cats, with the risk of various problems being higher than usual due to heat and sun.

Our vet Simon has gathered a few suggestions about how best to reduce these risks, or avoid them entirely – so keep reading to learn more.

Plus, if you’re worried about anything specific, or if your cat is due a seasonal health check, why not book an appointment now to put your mind at rest?

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Summer advice for cats

In warmer seasons, you need to be aware of:

  • Road dangers – Consider keeping your cat inside at night. During summer, cats are more likely to be outside enjoying the day’s residual heat, which means they may wander onto roads in the dark.
  • Cat fights – If you haven’t already, talk to us about getting your cat neutered. Cats are more likely to be breeding during the longer days and can become aggressive towards others around Whitchurch, Ludgershall, St Mary Bourne or other areas nearby – especially if they haven’t been neutered.
  • Sunburn – Watch out for dry or reddened skin and consult us if you find any. Even though cats love to bask in the sun, it’s not good for them to do too much of it.
  • Storage buildings – If your cat goes missing, ask neighbours to check they haven’t become trapped in a garage or shed. Cats explore more during summer, simply because they tend to be outdoors more.
  • Parasites – Use a good prevention and treatment solution to keep your cat free from nasty little bugs. Cat fleas and ear mites are more common during summer. Not sure what to use? Feel welcome to give us a call on 01264 352323 to ask.
  • Dehydration – Cats should always have easy access to plenty of water; as should any other kind of pet.

If anything else bothers you about your cat during summer – such as listless behaviour or not eating normally – please do ask for our advice. We can check your cat over and identify any underlying problems, before recommending treatment or giving advice.

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