You stink!

Have you ever noticed that friends and family don’t snuggle up to your pet as much as they used to? Or do visitors to your home hold their breath or search for nose pegs?

If your pet is a stinker, don’t ignore it – find out why and do something about it. Pets can develop a variety of unattractive aromas and the causes are not always obvious. Common causes may include infected ears, infected anal glands and “halitosis” or bad breath associated with severe dental disease.

In the case of cats, cat bite abscesses can occur after fighting. The abscess often bursts producing a foul smelling discharge.

Persistent pet pongs are unlikely to simply disappear on their own and, if they are ignored could potentially result in serious damage to health.

For example, gum disease does not only cause a pets breath to smell, it can also be very painful. It can lead to tooth loss and bacteria can enter the blood stream and affect major organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

Anal gland issues that are ignored can lead to inflamed, impacted or even abscessed anal glands. If cat bite abscesses are not treated, bacteria can enter the blood stream causing septicaemia or damaging underlying muscles.

So if you’re cuddling up to your pet while reading this and its making your eyes water, it really is time you did something about it!

Simon Robinson