Cleo is a 2 year old British Shorthaired cat.

21/06/2012: Cleo was first seen as emergency after a suspected road traffic accident. She was seen with breathing difficulties and was open mouth breathing. Cleo also had a severe nose bleed particularly from her right nostril. To assist Cleo with her breathing she was immediately placed onto oxygen while also receiving intravenous fluids to help to treat her shock. Cleo was also given strong pain relief and antibiotics.

22/06/2012: Following an evening in hospital Cleo appeared much more comfortable and her breathing was more settled. However due to Cleo’s injuries it was necessary to take x-rays to assess her condition further. Cleo’s x-rays revealed that she had fractured mandible and a very unstable jaw. Further examinations also showed Cleo to have a number of wounds including one on her left elbow and on the lower side of her chin.

In order to stabilise Cleo’s jaw the Vet fixed a piece of wire around her lower canines and mandibular synthesis. This stabilised her fracture significantly while also ensuring the rest of her jaw remained stable. However Cleo’s jaw remained extremely swollen as well as her throat and surrounding structures including her larynx.

These injuries resulted in Cleo experiencing difficulties in her recovery from her general anaesthesia which included significant respiratory noise and a moment of respiratory arrest. Cleo’s condition was complicated further by the presence of dried blood at the back of her throat and nose from her previous nose bleeds. To help to reduce the swelling and therefore assist her breathing Cleo was given an injection of steroids and diuretics.

Cleo’s injuries also made it difficult for her eat. In order to assist eating a feeding tube was placed which would allow for liquid food to be given to ensure Cleo received adequate nutrition.

23/06/2012: Cleo continued to make a slow recovery with her experiencing occasional episodes of breathing difficulty which required her to receive oxygen to assist her breathing. Cleo continued to receive strong pain relief and steroids to help to stabilise her condition and reduce her bruising.

Over the next few days Cleo showed improvement with her breathing becoming much less laboured and stabilised. She continued to receive antibiotics and pain relief while also receiving steroids which slowly assisted her bruising to reduce which in turn improved her breathing. Cleo also began to tolerate tube feeding and began feeding well. She seemed much brighter and happier.

Cleo remained on intravenous fluids to ensure that she remained well hydrated during her recovery. She also received intravenous antibiotics to reduce the risk of post-operative infection.

29/06/2012: Due to the marked improvement in Cleo’s health and condition it was decided to send her home to recover. Cleo remained to have a feeding tube to assist with her nutrition which her owner learnt to use at home. Cleo remained on pain relief and antibiotics however she now appeared much happier.

02/07/2012: Cleo continued to make significant improvement over the next days while at home. She began to eat soft food unaided and seemed comfortable and happy. Due to her ability to eat by herself the Vet decided to remove her feeding tube as it was deemed no longer necessary.

09/08/2012: Cleo recovered well at home appearing to be increasingly comfortable and happy. She returned to the clinic for post-operative x-rays to monitor the healing of her fractured jaw. Her x-rays revealed that her fracture was completely healed. The Vet therefore decided to remove the wire which had stabilised her jaw previously.

Today: Cleo is now completely healed from her injuries. She is now eating well and has gained weight. Her other wound are now well healed and she is back her normal happy self.