Daisy is a 5 year old Dog De Bordeaux. She is a much loved rescue dog who has lived with her family for 3 years.

Daisy was presented off colour, she had been eating grass and had a slightly swollen abdomen. She also had arrhythmia ( an abnormal heart rhythm) so she was admitted for x-rays. These showed a very enlarged spleen, which was palpable under sedation.

Splenic torsion – twisting of the spleen – is a rare condition frequently reported in Giant Breeds like Daisy. The treatment for Daisy was a splenectomy – surgical removal of the spleen. A normal spleen should be firm and red but Daisy’s was very dark due to the torsion.








The spleen is an organ responsible for antibody production and blood filtration. It is a complex surgery and haemorrhage can be a complication. Pain relief and fluid therapy are given during the surgery and blood tests are taken after the surgery to check for any haemorrhage. Septic complications are rare but covering antibiotics were also given.

Daisy has now fully recovered from her surgery and her arrhythmia has since stabilised. There may be a slightly increased risk of infection now that she has no spleen but most dogs go on to live a normal life.