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Learn about pet insurance & our Healthy Pet Club

To ensure your pet is benefiting from the very best healthcare regime, it’s important that owners understand the different cover offered by pet insurance and our Healthy Pet Club scheme. So, we thought we’d briefly cover the details of each in a short and hopefully easy to understand article. Once you’ve read the article there are three things you might like to do.

  1. Get more information on our Healthy Pet Club from our website.

Get more details

  1. For general enquiries, or if you’d like to check your pets’ status regarding insurance and health plan cover, then call us on 01264 352323.
  2. If you wish to discuss your current insurance policy or would like more information on insurance, why not pop in and see one our nurses.

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The main difference between insurance and our Healthy Pet Club

  • Our Healthy Pet Club offers you a great way to budget for routine preventative healthcare.
  • Pet insurance offers cover to help you manage costs in an emergency, acute or unplanned situation.

Do you need both?

Well, the strict answer is that you don’t need either, as long as you are able to pay for your pet’s care as you go. However, most pet owners opt for at least one option. It’s really down to personal preference.

Three benefits we’d like all clients to consider…

  1. Budgeting for regular treatments - If you like to carefully manage your bills, then joining our Healthy Pet Club will suit you perfectly.
  2. Comprehensive basic care - Owners who add their pets to a healthcare scheme tend to ensure their pets are regularly treated for fleas and worms as well as keeping vaccinations up to date.
  3. Emergency cover – We generally consider insurance essential for all unexpected events. You don’t want to have to compromise on care at the most crucial time just because of cost.

Talk to us before you sign up

The most important thing to understand before investing in either our Healthy Pet Club or pet insurance is the cover on offer and what it costs.

For a monthly fee, our Healthy Pet Club covers regular check-ups, some vaccinations, dietary advice and a host of other benefits.

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