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Microchipping for cats – Tina’s story

If you have a cat who likes to wander, but haven’t yet had them microchipped, it’s our head vet Simon’s advice to do it as soon as possible. Losing a pet can cause terrible worry and heartache – but if they’re microchipped, it’s much more likely that you’ll see them again.

And there’s no excuse this month, as we’ve got a great microchipping offer AND a great story for you about an adventurous cat, which reveals the importance of using a microchip database properly.

First, if you get your cat microchipped at our vets’ practice in Andover before 30 April, it’ll only cost £19.99 – so contact us now to make an appointment.

Get your cat microchipped

And second, here’s that story...

Tina’s travels

In February 2014, a tabby cat was found in a garage in the small coastal village of Muchalls, in Scotland. Fortunately, she had a microchip – but less fortunately, it revealed a phone number and address in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

The phone number was no longer working, so charity Cats Protection suspected the cat’s owner had moved from the Canary Islands to Scotland and forgotten to update their details.

The organisation contacted several local vets in the Muchalls area – and happily, the owner was discovered living about 30 miles from Muchalls and recognised Tina. It’s a mystery how Tina ended up so far away, maybe she hitched a ride!? We all know how enterprising cats can be...

What you need to know about microchipping your cat

If you’re wondering if it’s worth getting your cat microchipped, we say definitely YES. But once you have, it’s vital to keep your database details up to date.

Recent statistics from the UK’s largest lost-and-found organisation showed that 45% of microchipped stray cats are reunited with their owners; a success rate that could be even better if all owners made sure their details were correct.

If you’d like advice about microchipping your cat and want to enjoy our special offer in April, give us a call on 01264 352323 and we’ll get you booked in.

Our microchip offer applies to all pets – and if you have a dog it’s especially important, as on 6 April 2016 it becomes law for all dogs to be microchipped. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our Microchipping FAQs.

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