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Protect your cat from fleas in Andover

During the summer months, cat fleas are at their very worst. To make sure your cat doesn’t suffer, you should know how to spot the signs of a flea problem and get help as soon as possible.

Cat fleas are tiny, jumping insects that bite living flesh. They live on cats, but can also bite people and other animals. Even worse, they can lay thousands of eggs after feeding, so before long you could find your home and pets horribly infested.

You may see flea droppings around your home, which look like small bits of dirt and dissolve into a small red spot if you touch them with damp cotton wool.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to deal with fleas quickly and effectively. If you want to prevent the problem entirely or keep it under control, have a chat with the team at our London Road practice and we’ll explain your options.

Ask us about flea treatments

Why cat fleas are worse in summer

Warm weather speeds up the life cycle of cat fleas and increases their appetite. After feeding on a cat’s blood, they lay eggs in the fur, which can be transferred all over the home – especially beds and carpets.

When the larvae hatch, they quickly develop into pupae and then into mature fleas, ready to feed and lay more eggs.

Treatment for cat fleas

A ‘spot-on’ solution can be applied directly to your pet’s skin in a place they can’t reach to lick off, like the area between the neck and upper back. This helps prevent and destroy fleas.

Another great option is a Seresto Collar, the hassle free way of protecting your pet. Just pop on the collar and enjoy up to 8 months of flea protection without the need to remember monthly applications. Find out more from our team by calling us on 01264 352323.

It’s extremely important to get advice from your cat’s vet about which treatment to use, as the wrong one could fail to tackle the fleas or even be harmful to your pet.

You can also use environmental sprays to debug your home and make sure it’s flea-free. Just ask us next time you’re at our vet practice in Andover or give us a call to make an appointment.

Defeat your cat’s fleas now

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