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Strathmore Veterinary Clinic's top travel tips for dogs

Holidays with dogs can be lots of fun – but first you have to get to your destination, which usually means taking your dog in the car.

As summer is starting, our team at Strathmore Veterinary Clinic have put together a handy checklist that’s packed with tips on how to make dog journeys beyond the Hampshire county border safer and more enjoyable.

Download our travel checklist

Our advice starts with pre-journey preparation, then progresses to on-the-road recommendations. If you download and save it a week or two before you travel, it may help your holiday get off to a great start.

We’ve included important tips like:

  • Car safety for dogs
  • Vaccination checks
  • Comfort on the road

Get a pre-holiday pet MOT

If you have any concerns about taking your dog on holiday after you’ve read through our checklist, please feel free to pop in and speak to a vet nurse in Andover for more advice. Or, if you prefer, book to see one of our vets.

Book a pre-travel appointment

Send us your pet holiday snaps

Finally, we’d love to hear about the places you take your dog on holiday – and seeing them would be even better. Post pictures and, if you can, any recommendations for good destinations for dogs and families on our Facebook page.

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