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Harley is a 9 year old cat.

07/01/2015: Harley was seen at clinic following a period of on-going infections in his left ear. On examination Harley’s ear appeared inflamed with lots of infected material. To further investigate the ear infection Harley was admitted for a general anaesthesia.

During the anaesthesia the Vet discovered a large polyp like lump in the ear canal. It also appeared to be obstructing the ear drum. To identity the type of lump present a fine needle aspirate was taken and sent to the external laboratory.

28/01/2015: Following further investigation and discussion between the vet and Harley’s owner a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) was recommended. This would also involve a Lateral Bulla Osteotomy. Both operations were necessary in order to remove Harley’s lump which had continued to remain infected and inflamed.

A TECA describes the removal of the diseased and infected ear canal. The inner ear remains intact allowing the animal’s hearing to remain unaffected. The middle ear chamber (tympanic bulla) is carefully inspected by the surgeon at the time of the operation and any abnormal tissue or material is removed.

During his surgery Harley was placed onto intravenous fluids to ensure he remained well hydrated. Harley was also given strong pain relief to ensure se remained comfortable during his surgery and recovery. He was also given intravenous antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

Following his surgery Harley was hospitalised and closely monitored for any possible complications. This may have included facial paralysis including his eye. In order to remain pain free and comfortable Harley remained strong pain killers for a number of days during his recovery.

29/01/2015: Harley showed good recovery in the days following his surgery. He was bright and happy and was eating well. There also appeared to be limited post-operative complications. Following his surgery Harley showed a slight reduction in the neurological ability of his eye which included a lack of blink response. Unfortunately this is a common complication following surgery. In some cases this returns once the surgical area has healed. To ensure his eye maintained healthy he was given eye drops to assist with hydration.

30/01/2015: Following a few days in the clinic Harley was sent home to recover further. To ensure he remained comfortable and infection free Harley was sent home with antibiotics and pain relief.

Over the next few days and weeks Harley continued to make a good recovery. He soon returned back to his normal happy self and was playing and very active at home. He returned to the clinic for several post-operative checks during which time he showed a good recovery and his wounds healed well. His facial paralysis also continued to improve with normal movement returning slowly.

Today: Harley has continued to recover well. Since his surgery his normal blink reflex has returned and he has no further neurological concerns. Following further investigation it was discovered that his lump was benign. As the lump had been completely removed there was also no risk of regrowth and his condition has been cured.

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