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Pet Travel Moves On...

The Pet Travel Scheme, which allows dogs and cats to travel to and from the U.K without the need for quarantine, has been with us for over 10 years now.

It has been highly successful and each year over 100,000 dogs and cats are able to travel abroad, subject to stringent criteria being met. These are that they must be: microchipped, have a Rabies vaccine and blood test, and then wait a further 6 months before being allowed to return to the U.K. This is a long and relatively expensive process. However, the requirements are now being significantly reduced.

This is because rabies has now virtually been eliminated in mainland Europe thanks to a very successful vaccination policy and therefore it was felt that the risk of importing this terrible disease into the U.K is now minimal. So what has changed? Well, there is no longer a requirement for a blood test and also instead of waiting for a 6 month period, the time has been reduced to just 3 weeks.

This means that it will be cheaper and easier for pets to travel abroad to EU countries. For those travelling further a field, different rules may apply.

Full information is available on the Defra website at or please phone the clinic for advice.

More information is also available on the Pet Travel Scheme page of our website.

Simon Robinson

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