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Vaccine Amnesty

Are your pets vaccinations up to date? Or is your pet one of over 50% in the UK that is not vaccinated?

With busy lives it is all too easy for booster vaccinations to be missed, thus leaving your pet vulnerable to serious disease.

Vaccinations provide essential protection against many diseases.

In dogs these are distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and leptospirosis. All of these are potentially fatal.

Cats can be protected against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia. Again, these are serious diseases.

Rabbits can be protected against Myxamatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, both of which are fatal diseases.

The good news is that Strathmore Veterinary Clinic is helping to bring down the cost of getting your pets' vaccinations up to date by offering a primary vaccination course of two injections for just the cost of a booster injection.

This is a saving of 50% on our normal prices - just £36.56 for dogs and £52.57 for cats.

So this is an excellent way to get your pets vaccines back on track. Your pet will also receive a free full health check by a vet for extra peace of mind.

Please note that the Vaccination Amnesty is only available for dogs and cats who have lapsed in their vaccination boosters and is not suitable for new puppies or kittens.

Why not consider joining our Pet Health Club? For a monthly subscription all future vaccinations, worming and flea control are taken care of with substantial savings.

If you would like to take part in this amnesty or would like any further information, please contact the clinic on 01264 352323

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