24 hour emergency service

Providing an effective 24hr emergency service is all part of the veterinary professions service. At Strathmore you will always be seen by one of our own vets and your pet will be cared for by our own nursing staff 24hrs a day.

We hope you never have to use our out of hours service but we know that it is very worrying when your pet suddenly becomes ill or has been involved in an accident.

These are the things to think about before calling the vet:

  • Is it really an emergency?
  • Is your pet truly suffering or is its life in danger?

If it is or you are genuinely unsure please call us: 01264 352323

Emergencies to call immediately


If possible identify the poison and keep any packaging. The vet can then contact the Veterinary Poisons Unit for advice while you are on the way to us.

Road traffic accidents

A severely injured animal can usually be moved safely and quickly. It is always best to speak to the vet for advice if you are unsure. If it is safe to do so, have as many helpers as possible to pick up the pet and bring it to the surgery as quickly as possible.

Bloat or gastric dilation

If your dog’s stomach swells up then you must ring us and bring your dog in as soon as possible.

Persistent vomiting or diarrhoea

With or without blood.

Breathing difficulties

Any other condition that appears to be making your pet acutely ill.