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Ollie: Pet of the Moment

Ollie first came to us after being attacked by several dogs...

He had severe wounds all over his body, was semi-collapsed and in shock. It took an hour to stabilise him before we could proceed with treatment.

X-rays showed Ollie had no broken bones or lung punctures so we could immediately prepare him for surgery to close any wounds that we could.

Ollie recovered from the general anaesthetic well. A bandage was placed over his entire body to help protect the wounds. At first Ollie did not want to eat any food however after lots of encouragement and cuddles he finally took his first bite late in the evening. He stayed with us for 6 days after the attack as he required daily bandage changes and cleaning of the wounds as well as very strong pain relief injections. He was sent home on the 6th day with oral pain relief and antibiotics.

Ollie came in for a bandage change every day for a week which allowed us to monitor his progress closely. It became clear that the large wound on his back which could not be closed in the first operation would require further surgery as the top layer of tissue began to die. Two weeks after the attack, Ollie had a second operation to reduce the size of the large wound as much as possible. Following on from this procedure we were able to reduce Ollie’s bandage changes to every other day.

After 2 weeks, we again reduced his bandage changes to once every 3 days. Ollie’s progress was amazing and his wounds looked smaller and healthier at every check!

10 weeks after the attack, Ollie’s wounds had completely healed and he no longer required any dressings. His fur had started to grow back and his owners reported he was getting back to his normal cheeky self.

Throughout his ordeal Ollie remained a sweet and loving patient who tolerated his treatment extremely well. His resilience was incredible and the staff developed strong bonds with him. Even now when he visits he is always happy to see us!

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