Pet Health Club

Average yearly savings of £134 on routine healthcare

Providing essential routine care for your pet is all part of being a responsible pet owner. Save money on the cost of treatments and services that keep your pet healthy and happy. Budget and spread the cost of routine care across the year by paying with Direct Debit. Plus, any additional pets pay £1 less per month.

What will you get?

Our preventative healthcare plans are available for dogs, cats and rabbits. They all include:

 Annual vaccinations/boosters

 All flea & worm prevention

 25% off selected pet food

 Health check every 6 months

 10% off dentistry

 Microchip or £10 voucher

How much will it cost?

Dog care plans – only £15.60 per month

Cat care plans – only £13.60 per month

Rabbit care plans – only £10.99 per month

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