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Repeat Prescriptions

Terms & Conditions

After making your order, please allow 48 hours for us to process your request. If you need medication or treatment immediately, please call us. 
This service provides a quick and convenient way for people whose animals are already registered with the surgery to order repeat prescriptions for medication or treatment of their pets.
With the exception of routine treatments (shampoos, worming and flea treatments) we are obliged to examine animals on long term medication regularly. With certain drugs, this interval may be as often as every 3 months. We have to perform these examinations to make sure that the medication is still appropriate and safe to continue using with your pet’s condition. We also need to assess whether your pet’s weight has changed (which may alter the drugs dose) and we get to address any new concerns that you may have with regards to any aspect of your pet’s health.
Before certain medications can be prescribed, your pet may need a blood test. If this is the case, we'll contact you upon receipt of your order to discuss further. 
Each application for a repeat prescription has to be checked against the animal’s history by a veterinary surgeon and once the drugs have been dispensed, a further check is performed to ensure that everything is correct. Therefore, as the applications have to be processed carefully, we need adequate time to complete the dispensing.

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