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Digital X-Ray

We have a state-of-the-art x-ray machine on site

Digital radiography has been present for only a few years, but has significant major advantages over the more conventional production of film x-rays which require chemicals and an automatic development machine. These advantages are:

  • A much quicker processing time (seconds).
  • The ability to ‘manipulate’ the electronic on screen x-ray image. This greatly reduces the number of x-rays that usually need to be taken to make a diagnosis.
  • There are no chemicals or x-ray film to dispose of or store and so it is a much ‘greener’ technology with virtually no enviromental impact.
  • X-rays are easily stored electronically which means the end to retrieving dusty old x-ray files!
  • Unlike conventional x-ray plates, the on screen x-ray image can be enlarged or enhanced. This can greatly help in making a diagnosis if only minor changes are present on the x-ray.

We are sure that this new x-ray machine will greatly enhance the radiography service that we offer to our patients and in particular will really help in making a diagnosis in our more challenging cases.

Despite the significant extra cost of this technology, we have decided not to increase our prices given the current economic climate.

If you would like a demonstration of what our new x-ray machine can do, then we would be delighted to show you.

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